17 February 2013

An attempt to run a marathon using SCIENCE: part VI (Apparatus)

Today I had one of those ideas where you think you'll do something cool and it will just take an hour, and then it ends up taking the whole day. Yeah. At about midday today, I decided it would be cool to photograph all the individual items that make up my training kit to illustrate this week's blog post. "This will be a doddle. I'll just photograph everything against the same background and then stick it all together in some sort of collage."

Well, photography is actually not my strong point, although I do enjoy it. Also, I don't have a smartphone or Instagram or any of that new fangled stuff, so I had to do it using a real camera and Photoshop. At about 3pm, I realised it was going to take a lot longer than an hour, but by then I had passed the point of no return. So I did it and it took me all day and now there's no blog post to illustrate. But hey, this is my kit.

I don't know what this proves. That you can spend a lot of money on running? That I am really, *really* avoiding writing the last chapter of my book?

And P.S. I am not cross-training in rounders. It's a foam bat that I'm using as a roller to work the base of my foot.

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