30 March 2012

Shout out for "The Story Collider"

Just discovered this awesome science story project. In magazine and podcast form.
"Our lives revolve around science. From passing high school chemistry to surviving open-heart surgery, from reading a book on mountain lions to seeing the aftermath of an oil spill, from spinning a top to looking at pictures of distant galaxies, science affects us and shapes us. At The Story Collider, we want to know people's stories about science. From our monthly live shows to our Pictures of Science project, we bring together scientists, comedians, librarians, and other disreputable types to tell true, personal stories of times when, for good or ill, science happened."
I don't know HOW I didn't know about this before. But I'm going to be consuming an awful lot of it in the next few weeks. iPod is primed and ready to Science my ears off. I've even updated my fricking iTunes. Check me out.