11 February 2010

Science and the arts (I): new post series

It is my intention, over the coming months, to start putting together a collection of posts about science at the intersection with the arts. I probably haven't thought this through carefully enough, but I'm going to try and publish one a week - we'll just have to see how that plan works out.

I've often thought if I was going to write a book it would be about science and creativity, but I've never really had the time to start exploring the subject properly. So what better place to begin than with a stream of randomly assimilated, half-informed blogs?

Seriously, though. These things will be properly researched and referenced, etc etc. Mostly. But, of course, I'll be saving all the best bits for my imaginary book. I mean, I wouldn't want to give away the really excellent stuff for free, would I? So what I guess I'm saying is this: if you want to read some possibly sub-standard science and the arts posts, but, crucially, without having to pay for them, you've come to the right place. Hooray!

Now, while I'm mulling over my first post, let me leave you with a snippet of my own science/arts project, Geek Pop festival, which merges science and music. Here's The Standards with the rather catchy 11 Dimensions, from last year.