Hello. I'm Hayley, a freelance science writer and editor based in Bristol, UK. I cover biology, chemistry and the environment and have written about everything from the origin of life to feeding tea to cows. My writing appears online and in magazines, newspapers and books. You might also hear my voice on a podcast occasionally.

I've been working as a freelance writer for over ten years, publishing articles in BBC Focus, Chemistry World, The Guardian, Mosaic, Nature, New Scientist, The ObserverScience Uncovered and the Telegraph. For a number of years, I was on the team for Science For Environment Policy, covering environmental research and putting together in-depth reports for policymakers. I have also edited popular science books, co-authored The Big Questions in Science (2013) and published my first solo book, 50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know, in 2015.

Now I have a son, I spend two days a week chasing him around and three days a week writing. I work mostly on longer term projects such as feature articles and educational resources.

I completed my biology degree in 2004 at the University of Warwick. In 2006, I was awarded an Association of British Science Writers bursary to study science communication at master's level. I received the Richard Gregory Prize for Science Communication in 2009.

I'm interested in creative science communication and was previously involved in public engagement projects including a comedy club for scientific speakers, a clay placenta modelling workshop and a virtual festival of science-inspired music. These days, I'm using any spare time I have to improve my photography skills and am currently half-way through Going Digital's "Explore Your Camera" course.

Outside of working hours, I run, bike, slow-cook, admire monkey puzzle trees, volunteer at junior parkrun, paint (walls) and take pictures.

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