31 March 2007

Sci-Pop: Steve's song

Thanks to Siobhan Laura Casalegno (Facebook), who flagged up this little audio gem from The National Center for Science Education.


I am in the midst of compiling a list of popular music with a scientific theme. Hence "Sci-Pop". Okay, so "popular" isn't exactly the term I would use to describe Steve's Song. But it's genius nevertheless.

In case you're wondering "Steve" is the NCSE's champion for keeping evolution in the school curriculum.


29 March 2007

Diamond geezer

A family from Blackpool consider their dad to be such a gem, that they've turned him into one.

25 minutes of sciencey goodness in audio form

The iProf, the Null Pod, the Profcast, whatever you want to call it, it's now online at ClickCaster. Or you can download from iTunes. Pubic lice, NASA and beautiful women all get the once over.