26 April 2007

Ear Nose and Throat

Courtesy of Shelley Batts at Retrospectacle.

18 April 2007

Sci comm conference London 2009

News straight from Melbourne - I have my sources - London has just won the bid for the 2009 Science Journalists conference. Excellent work, although perhaps a shame Italy didn't win; it would have been a fantastic excuse for a holiday.

14 April 2007

M.C. Nuts

Science? I don't think so, but watch this... giant hip hop squirrel. Need I say more?


12 April 2007

US women will only date short men if they earn $146k more

From the New York Times, on online dating: "A 5-foot-8 man was just as successful in getting dates as a 6-footer if he made more money — precisely $146,000 a year more. For a 5-foot-2 man, the number was $277,000."

Which complements a recent study by The Null quite nicely.

Image: misterhyun

10 April 2007

Sci-Pop Airs

Science in musical form. And it comes in many weird and wonderful disguises. Let me or The Null know if you have any we haven't thought of... the list must be endless.


8 April 2007


If you ask me, flies are just about the dumbest animals there are. The mere sight of one head butting the window, making that infuriating zzzzz-thud noise, triggers a fly-related torrent of abuse, punctuated every five words by "Why are you so stupid?" But scientists who have spent far too many hours video tracking the filthy little blighters say they deserve more credit. H'apparently they don't buzz around in random frenzies, they have "strategies". Yeah, like annoying the hell out of me. Didn't these guys have enough of Drosophila during GCSE biology?


5 April 2007

Wanted: Sleepwalkers

Do you sleepwalk? What's it like? Have you ever done anything strange whilst sleepwalking?

Tell me... I want to know! (Purely in the interests of science).

It would really help me out if anyone who has had a sleepwalking experience, strange or otherwise, could get in contact. It would only be a five minute chat, or rapid exchange of emails if you prefer. Email sleepwalking@manyfinewords.co.uk

2 April 2007

Writing reduces your cholesterol

Does it? If that's the case, my cholesterol must be in minus figures.

Oh, wait. You have to be writing affectionately. Ah, now that's obviously where I'm falling down.

Scientists say people who devote 20 minutes now and again to writing affectionate words about their loved ones can significantly lower their cholesterol within 25 days. Presumably their control group was spending a much more enjoyable 20 minutes stuffing their faces with pastries.