22 May 2008

Found whilst researching for an article on cigarette lighters

Correction published by The New York Times on 21st July last year:
"An article yesterday about a decision to allow passengers to carry cigarette lighters on board airplanes misspelled the surname of the man who tried to ignite a bomb in his shoe during a flight from Paris to Miami in 2001. He is Richard C. Reid, not Reed."
- I love that they're still courteous enough to spell his name right. Maybe the lady at the Post Office (or wherever) will remember him now and send him packing.

8 May 2008

Strawberry Flavoured Science

I'm starting a new blog for Null's troop of gorgeous science buskers. It's not quite done yet, but when it is it will be deeeee-licious.

Over the summer, we'll be heading north to the Cheltenham Science Festival in June and north-east to the Secret Garden Party in July. We'll keep the blog updated with the sights and sounds of busking life.

If anyone would like a science busker, or several, to go with their event, they're welcome to ask. But somewhere along the line, we might need to start getting paid...

2 May 2008

Chaos & Randomness

Note to self: don't say stupid things when meeting important sciencey types.

Recent example: upon meeting very nice and normal professor man who had given a talk on chaos theory and the random nature of bread making (don't ask), the following fell out of my mouth... "Since you're kind of a Professor of Randomness, and I'm the editor of the Journal of Unlikely Science, I wondered if you fancied doing an interview?"

Learn from this. You could have said: "Hello Professor. I really enjoyed your talk. Could we do an interview. Would you? Oh, that would be lovely."