30 September 2008

Word doesn't do biology

Ha! I just tried to enter pathogenicity (as in, the ability of one organism to infect another) into Word and it suggested "pathogen city", immediately conjuring up apocalyptic images of a filthy, diseased metropolis teeming with giant microbes.

I wonder: can you can get a "science" add-on for your spell check?

18 September 2008

Apostrophe Catastrophe: 3

They do actually punctuate their own name correctly on their website, so perhaps this is the fault of the sign maker... or the admin person who briefed the sign maker... Either way, it annoys me because I lived close to a "Michaels" supermarket for a couple of years.

16 September 2008

The book what I wrote (or edited)

I don't generally shout about my publications here, but this one holds a special place in my heart...

It is (literally in some cases) the blood, sweat and tears of 60 dedicated and extremely talented science writers. I would say it was my* pleasure to edit their scribblings, but four months of working until 10pm, and logging into my email on Boxing Day won't be easily forgotten.

Anyhoo, I present to you, dear friends, the Little Black Book of Science... er... scratch that... it appears the publishers have changed the name without telling us.... I present to you, dear friends, Defining Moments in Science. Huzzah!

In case the title doesn't say it all, it's (according to the publishers):

"Over a Century of the Greatest Scientists, Discoveries, Inventions and Events That Rocked the Scientific World"

And here it is (click through to Amazon):

I won't actually be opening it myself - just in case I spot a typo - but enjoy.

*When I say "my", I mean "our" - there were a couple of others involved. They know who they are.

12 September 2008

Ianto Jones in the LHC

Talk about hype. The BBC's take on the LHC: Torchwood get stuck in the tunnel where a portal to another dimension has opened and is letting through people-eating monsters. Gotta love it though.

A quote from my favourite member of the cast - Captain Jack's teaboy, Ianto Jones:

What's so bad about Switzerland anyway? They have great chocolate.

9 September 2008

Very tall scientist?

I forgot about this... At Cheltenham Science Festival earlier this year - interviewing for our Cheltenham podcast. Was he really tall, or am I just that short? You decide.