1 September 2007

Hot Scientists

Eek, it's been a very long time since the last blog. But now I'm blogging for a very good reason...

If you're reading this (that's all two of you, I imagine) stop for a minute and think about how many scientists you know. Then think - are any of them sexy/dashing/fit/toe-curlingly beautiful?

I know there are some hot scientists out there and I need to make contact with them. Nothing untoward, I swear. I just need them to help me prove that there is sex appeal in the scientific profession by posing as the Null's 'Hot Scientist of the Week'.

So if there's anyone out there - man, woman or geek - working or studying in any vaguely science related area (the more bizarre, the better) who can really pull off the lab coat look, do tell. Please.


Image: Jean Scheijen (fittie)