22 January 2009

Geek Pop

So I guess it's about time I blogged something about Geek Pop. Media enquiries have been flooding in and I can barely keep up, what with conference reports and articles to write in the mean time.

Well, what is there to say? It's all happening again, just bigger and better - mostly due to the fact that we got ourselves organised in September this year instead of... oooh, er... about two weeks before the festival. Which means we've had time not only to put together a fantastic line-up, but also to arrange 'green room' interviews with some of our artists and even set up a festival merchandise stall, where festival-goers can find pin badges and 'Science Rocks' mugs - I should point out that we're not doing this to make a profit (Ha! If only!), just to put some money in the kitty for Geek Pop '10. Well, and also... we wanted our own pin badges. Mine arrived yesterday and I have to say: they're pretty awesome.

Anyway, Geek Pop is taking up most of my spare time at the moment, even with a team of three of us on the case. So if anyone wants to help out, just send us an email: crew@geekpop.co.uk We're in dire need of some CSS help - if you don't know what that means, you probably can't help, I'm afraid.

And finally, some of the ways you can interact with Geek Pop...

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