22 June 2011

Molecule haikus

I'm collecting molecule haikus. No reason, other than someone sent me one - about carbon and oxygen - on Twitter. Then someone sent me another. Also about carbon. And another about water. I've posted them below.

"Oh why, Oxygen/did you choose Carbon, of all/Deadly love affair." - @AnneOsterrieder (Plant cell biologist studying the Golgi apparatus.)

"Join me, soft graphite/ Before this world crushes you / Your veins clear like glass" - @martinaustwick (Podcaster, Social Physicist, One-Man-Band, Unicorn Torturer)

"For H2O mix / Two hydrogens and just one / Oxygen. Finish." - @brisandbath_sci (The Bristol & Bath branch of the British Science Association:)


"Humoral response, Molecules collide in blood, Body protected." - @JLVernonPhD (Defender of Science, Molecular Biologist)

Now I want more. So PLEASE SEND MORE (add them in the comments). Thank you, kind people of Twitter.


Hayley said...

http://www.chem.ucla.edu/harding/haiku.html - Some organic chemistry haikus (via @stuartcantrill) ...So don't think I won't know if you've cheated.

Erin said...

Here's the one I tweeted you (@one_of_three):

You think your job stinks?/
At least you're not a chemist/
Working with arsoles.

Hayley said...

Just in case anyone was wondering about the cleanliness of that last one... http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/sillymolecules/sillymols.htm See, squeaky.

AJ said...

One lone carbonyl/ Methyl groups on either side/ Acetone! is born.


AJ said...

Hydrogen Chloride/
Burns your nostrils and your skin/
Mindfulness is key.