3 November 2009

I forgot: I interviewed a Nobel Prize winner!

I managed to forget completely about this, but early in the year I did an interview with Peter Agre, a lovely man who also happens to be a Nobel Prize winner. (Oh, and the President of the AAAS).

Agre picked up the award in 2003 for his "serendipitous" discovery of aquaporins - water channel proteins in cells - which had far-reaching implications for neuroscience.

Unfortunately, it looks like I don't get a byline (boo!) but here's the pdf - the quality's not the best, mind.

What an honour.


DNLee said...

that's sweet news. Found you on Listorious. Are you going to ScieneOnline09 in Research Triangle, NC? It's a science blogging and online communication conference now in it's 4th year. I'll be there AND I am accepting submissions for my Diversity in Science Carnival. Check it out and please consider submiting an article to the carnival. Deadline 11/15/09.

Havea great day.

Hayley said...

North Carolina's a little out of my way, (unfortunately). But perhaps I can submit something for your carnival - I'll think on it...