3 May 2007

Run, get thin. Keep running, stay thin. Not rocket science.

Am I going mad?

Some scientists have spent actual money... (As opposed to what - Monopoly money? I don't know. Look it's late, get on with it. And stop talking to yourself.) Clearly I am going mad, but that doesn't alter the fact that these scientists have spent real money on working out that if you run for your whole life you'll stay thin. Well, obviously not constantly for your entire life. Because that would make you very thin indeed, possibly skeleton-like. You'd have to stop for some grub every now and again. A salad leaf or two maybe.

Anyway, we're getting sidetracked again.

Apparently these scientists got through 8,000 people before it hit them. Exercise = burning energy = losing weight = being thin. Therefore, constant exercise = being thin forever. Really thinking outside the box there.

According to Paul Williams of the US Dept of Energy (so this guy knows his stuff when it comes to energy... allegedly), "Getting people to commit to a vigorously active lifestyle while young and lean will go a long way to reducing the obesity epidemic."

It really makes you wonder sometimes doesn't it?

Give me several thousand pounds worth of research money (or several hundred thousand) and I'll do something much more useful with it, like buying 8,000 fat people a skipping rope each.

Check it out for yourself.

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