5 April 2007

Wanted: Sleepwalkers

Do you sleepwalk? What's it like? Have you ever done anything strange whilst sleepwalking?

Tell me... I want to know! (Purely in the interests of science).

It would really help me out if anyone who has had a sleepwalking experience, strange or otherwise, could get in contact. It would only be a five minute chat, or rapid exchange of emails if you prefer. Email sleepwalking@manyfinewords.co.uk


Anonymous said...

As a child, I was told, I seelpwalked often as well as talking in my sleep.
As an adult I am told that I still talk in my sleep fairly regular, but to mine or anyone else's knowledge I am (or was) no longer sleepwalking. That is until recently. My husband joined the Army in June '06 and so I was left to live alone...well, myself , two dogs and two cats...in Sept. or Oct. '06, I woke one morning to find both my dogs in the back yard...!?they were in the house when I went to bed! How'd they get out!?...At first I was conviced someone had tried to break in the house and had let the out. After rationilizing the situation, I know that could not be a plausable reason as to how they got out, because one of the dogs is a barker. Anytime someone is in the yard or at the door, he's barking! (including me) So if it had been someone trying to break in he would have alerted....I tried not to think about it anymore. Well, this morning I was awoken to the "barker" barking...then the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor to tell me that the she had just put the other dog back in the fenced part of my yard, for she had been roaming the neighborhood. I said to her "no...she's already in the house" my neighbor said "NO, I just put in the yard", So I thanked her and went to the back door and low and behold there's my dog, outside in the backyard where my neighbor had just put her, as well, my youngest cat was laying on the back porch (my cats are indoor, never been out and declawed) and my older cat is still missing!
Well, the only plausable explination for this is that I was sleepwalking, opened a exterior door, went outside and left the door open behind me for an extended amount of time, otherwise my cats would not have gone out, and the "barker" must have come back in with me or just not gone out (that is possible , for he'd rather be in than out!)...
the whole senerio bothers me GREATLY because I sleep in the nude! Looks like I'm gonna have to stop that! :(
Any suggestions you might have to wake myself up when this happens would be greatly appreciated...my best friend suggested putting bells on the doors.

Hayley said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for posting. When I've finished my research/article, I'll be sure to let you know of any tricks the experts recommend to help you wake up... In the mean time, can I quote you on any of that? Your words could be a real comfort to other sleepwalkers having similar difficulties! I am just trying to put together a collection of quotes about sleepwalking for the article, so I would prefer it if I could have your name (although perhaps given the nudity element, best not on the blog?!) and location. Email me at sleepwalking@manyfinewords.co.uk if you find the courage!